Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sneaking in a Post

Hi All - It's Thursday... no it's not it's Wednesday. And shockingly I'm the only one in the office right now! My project is complete (for now) and I'm not under any huge time constraint to get anything done. So I thought I'd take a few moment's to update everyone on some of the happenings here in wonderful Salt Lake City (stop laughing, SLC is really nice).

The weather has FINALLY warmed up! In fact it went from being cold cold cold to one week of beautiful weather, to nice and hot hot hot. I just got back from lunch and my car said it was 98 degrees. We got the girls a nice little blow up kiddy pool and I do have pictures... somewhere.

I'll do a post of just pictures later when I can get all of my pictures on one computer. I finally broke down and purchased a dropshot account (they had a great deal $4.95 for the first 3 months) to store all my pictures online. When the three months is up I'll probably pay the lifetime membership. It's unlimited photo and video storage! And I have A LOT of pictures.

Tira is now 28 months old (2 years 4 months). She's actually ::knock on wood:: not too bad when it comes to the infamous terrible twos. She can be whinny, and she hits sometimes, but not too many full blown tantrums, which I see as a huge plus. Her new things is to say "bop you [insert name]" when you do something she doesn't like. I have NO idea where she got that from, I've NEVER told her I would bop her LOL. Her vocabulary is huge now although she's not talking in adult sentences like some of her little friends - I still blame that on the bilingual environment. She's a TV addict! I try and limit it but she LOVES Dora, Rocket (Little Einsteins), Clifford, and a bunch of other stuff. She fights Papa for the TV in the mornings, it's pretty funny. She loves playing outside with the other kids and there are a couple kids in the complex her age that she gets to play with regularly. It's usually 8pm when it finally starts to cool off. (I still find it bizarre that it stays very very light out until 9pm here.) Her hair has started to really come in too! She looks adorable in pig tails.

Lanna ::sniff sniff:: is only a few weeks away from being a big one year old. She' so much fun and (mostly) a happy baby. She crawls faster than I can walk and go between traditional crawling and crawling on her hands and feet. It's pretty funny to watch. The other day at church all the kids were running up and down the hall and poor little Lanna was crawling her heart out trying to keep up with them. She's also attempting to walk. Tira never did the scoot along furniture thing, she just up and walked - but Lanna is a little more cautious. She's taken a couple of steps, usually for food but hasn't really gotten the hang of it yet. She's also eating big girl food now, thought I mix in her pureed fruits/veggies when ever I can. She's a little talking machine. Obviously she doesn't know what she's saying, except when she yells "Yai Yai" but she's very good at mimicking - "get it, ohh ohh, yai yai, papa" and lots and lots of jabbering. She's still fat and lovely but I know as soon as she starts walking/running she's going to be a skinny mini.

Pictures to come!!!

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