Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Ok I promised a picture post so here it is:

Back in March still at aunty rissa's house:

Parenting Fail (see failblog.org very funny but sometimes rated R):

Playing with "aunty" and "unco danul" in april (it's pretty cold out):

Aunty Rissa took Lanna on an easter egg hunt:

Easter in the super cute outfits aunty rissa made:

Letting Lanna eat dirts so that we could get a nice picture:

There are more pictures of the easter egg hunt at church and of Tira and Kathleen playing at Ikea when Lanna was with aunty rissa but they're on another computer.
Standing monkey:

Potty training:

The stupid bbq I bought myself as a birthday present that came in 10,000,000,000 pieces and took 20 hours to put together:

The delicious birthday cake G-ma made that had little finger prints and swipes in it by the time we got to dinner:

Me and the nuggster in the kitchen, Tira wai'ing to try and get some cake:

G-ma trying to SHOVE phat girl into a pair of shorts that were obviously way to small

She's getting so big ::sniff sniff:: and look HAIR!

Trying to escape the baby-proof living room for the much more fun and dangerous kitchen, being the good mommy I am instead of saving her I rushed for the camera

Ok people are starting to arrive so I must start working. More to come!


-moi said...

I'd like to point out that Tira has more hair at her age now than you had at, like, 7.

Tanya said...

haha very funny tiff

Sarah said...

They are so beautiful! :)

Kristen said...

Your girls are so beautiful!