Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lanna's First Birthday Party

I've been hearing a lot of whining complaining bitching comments about how I haven't been updating the blog. Yai Yai Some people don't seem to understand that posting blogs at work has to be done covertly and requires Internet access which is still being worked out in the brand new office. And posting blogs at home takes about 15 hours because the computer is slower than pond water. So here I am racing to get this post finished on an-almost-as-slow-as-the-house-laptop computer, before the boss gets into work, tapping into some hotel's free wifi, all while trying to do some work so it's not obvious that I was goofing around all morning.

We had Lanna's birthday party at Aunty Rissa's and Uncle Daniel's pool last Saturday. It was a blast! Since I have a total of 1 friend here in Salt Lake all of Aunty Rissa's nice friends were willing to endure the horrors of a one year old birthday. Actually because it was a pool party it wasn't bad at all.

Of course we were late leaving the house so Mandy (my one friend) beat us there. We didn't get to set up any of the decorations I bought but that was ok because Lanna only had eyes for the pool. Everyone got in and swam, no one drowned, in fact none of the children even scrapped a knee so I think the party was a success.

After 30 minutes of swimming I ended up in the clubhouse slowly cooking tortillas (next time I will bring 4 pans to utilize all 4 burners on the stove). We ate yummy pork tacos with vegan friendly corn and black bean salsa, Spanish rice, and guacamole. Grandma made her famous sparkling-kool-aide-punch but forgot the sugar so it was not drinkable LOL.

After everyone was super stuffed we had Lanna open her presents... Well Tira and Katelyn helped Lanna pull the wrapping paper off. Lanna had fun playing with paper and was semi-interested in the actual presents. Of course the most bizarre present was from Aunty Rissa and Uncle Daniel and consisted of a miniature rubber chicken and a Lucah Libre (Mexican wrestlers costume (mask, tight pants and cape!). I will post a picture once Aunty Rissa fixes the mask to fit Lanna's fat giant head.

(see the rubber chicken?)
After that was the moment Tira had been waiting for for days - "birfday cake"!! Yai Yai slaved for two days to make this AWESOME train cake. I thought, while it was super cute that there wouldn't be enough actual cake so we ended up making a second cake. Turns out there was plenty of cake but that's ok, Tira has been very happy to help us finish it off.

(I laugh every time I see this picture, Look at Tira's face!)
(Lanna: hmmm this pink stuff feels kinda funny)
(Lanna: mmm the pink stuff doesn't taste too bad either)

(Lanna: hey there's something under the pink stuff, and it's yummy too)
(Lanna: ohh please no more cake, I can't eat another bite)

I hope to have more pictures once I can get a hold of Heidi and Mandy.

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Healthy Eating

This is a special post for Aunty Annie...

Tira's first Taco HBell experience! I wanted a little snack so we did a quick run through at Taco Bell. Tira STOLE my taco and demolished the entire thing LOL.

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I've been making goodies... Ask me if you want the recipes!

Smoothy-fudgy popsicles:

Cinnamon Rolls: