Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Utah State Fair

I'm so behind on posting - I know you're shocked. Things have been busy busy busy... But nice aunty Rissa drop pictures into my dropshots account so I feel like I should post about the Fair before too much time has passed.

Thursday September 10th was the first day of the fair and being the cheap frugal smart mommy that I am I took advantage of the $2 frist day enterance fee (versus $6)! So I took off of work early picked up the munchkins and old folks and meet up with Aunty Rissa and Uncle Daniel downtown at the fair site. Lucky us as we were walking in some nice gentleman from the gas company was handing out get in free passes so we saved even more money!

I personally haven't been to a fair in quite a while - like 15 years. So it was like being there for the first time for me too. One thing I do remember is that everything costs an arm and a leg. But it was worth it. I let Tira do one ride and she picked the Train. The carny who was running the ride was nice enough to let me go on with her with out charging me an additional $3. She like it ok but I think Lanna like it more:

We then checked out all the cool animals. Tira was semi-interested - Lanna was very interested.

Of course they had pony rides and my big girl Tira rode her pony ALL.BY.HERSELF! A first!!

You can't go to the fair without eatting fried food. My secret ulterior motives for going to the fair was to have a fried candy bar. For years I've been hearing about how you can get anything fried at the fair and I finally got a chance to try it out myself. And it was HEAVENLY! Tira and Lanna agreed.

After the fried goodness we checked out the agriculture. We we're all impressed with the giant fruits and veggies and the delicious looking baked goods.

Next we checked out the crafts and it was getting close to 5:30. Apparently the girls had had enough...

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