Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our Great Pumpkin Patch Adventure

Two weeks ago I took the girls to Cornbelly's with Aunty Rissa (post to come as soon as Aunty Rissa drops the pictures ;-). It was fun, but expensive and there wasn't a pumpkin patch, just piles of pumpkins.

So I did some research on the internet and ended up with two options for a pumpkin patch. They were both about an hour away only in opposite directions. The first was to Santaquin in the south and the other to Huntsville in the north. We opted for Huntsville, because the website promised: "Featuring a variety of Specialty Chili Recipes, Arts & Crafts, Pumpkin Patch, Hay Rides and Kids Activities. Fun for the whole family." So despite the forecast of snow and the mountainous terrain we made the long trek up to Huntsville.

I have to admit the scenery was BEAUTIFUL! We don't get "fall" and changing leaves in either LA or BKK so it was a treat to see the picturesque little towns with the beautiful, red, orange and yellow trees.

We pulled up to the Texas Pride BBQ restaurant that was hosting the Halloween/Fall "extravaganza". And was greeted by a very empty and tiny store front. No pumpkin patch insight, no families playing games, no big vats of chili steaming in the cold air. Nope just an empty town. So we walk around the back and look around, nothing but a cold empty bbq grill. So we go back to the front and go into the restaurant. It was cute and warm, and smell like delicious chili and real texas bbq - but where were the festivities!?
We asked the guy at the counter where the "Chili Fall Festival" was and he said - you're looking at it. The kid's activities - a girl in the back doing face painting. The pumpkin patch - the 10 pumpkins lined up outside that I thought was just decoration. And the chili cook off - 3 different types of chili cooking in the kitchen. But there was the wagon hay ride - sans hay. LOL.
The chili was delicious, the bbq was authentic, the sauce was killer, and Tira sat still long enough to get her face painted. So it was slightly a success.

We tried to get some cute pictures of the girls in the "pumpkin patch" but they were uncooperative - as usual. Here are some of the not-as-horrible-pictures:

They then decided they needed to play in the leaves:

Then the horses showed up. And of course all Tira would say was "ride horse ride horse".

So we tried to use the horse ride as a bribe to get a cute holiday card picture of me and the girls - this what I got:

Grandma is the worst photographer every. We did the "hay" ride. Then we hit up the park because miss-thang saw it during the hay ride and now would only say "go slide go slide". After that we went to this quaint little monastery where each girl picked out a picture of Jesus (Lanna proceeded to squash hers) and we got some honey, which apparently they're known for.
We then made the long trek home and next year we're going to Santaquin ;-)

the drive way out of the monastery!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Augst 2008 Honeybees 1 Year Blinkie

Check 'em out! It's by date, so Lanna is towards the end.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Catch Up – Fun Times while Mommy is at Work

Usually once a week Aunty Rissa will come pick up the girls, grandma and sometimes papa and go out to do something fun. Then after I get off of work we all have dinner together. I call it family time – but it’s more like get-the-grands-out-of-the-house-before-they-kill-someone-and-eat-good-food time.

Here are some of the fun things that they’ve done over the last 6 months without me…

The Gateway Water Fountains:

I ditch work a little early to join them:

They also went to the Holladay Pool:

The Children’s Discovery Museum:
(These pictures are actually from when I got to go with them one weekend)

Obviously there’s been more like various parks and play groups but some people ::cough aunty rissa cough:: don’t provide me with pictures.