Tuesday, November 24, 2009

First Real Snow of the Season!!

Being a Cali/Thai girl I'm a fan of warm weather. So I was more then slightly horrified when we got our first snow flurries here in Salt Lake back at the beginning of October. It's just plain wrong for it to snow that early in the year - especially since it continues to snow well into March. But thankfully that was only God's unique humor trying to see if he could drive me insane.

Now it's mid-November and a more appropriate time for snow. In fact I'm ready for it. I'm sick and tired of it being just cold and no snow. Last week we got our first real snow storm but it melted by Wednesday. Sunday it snowed again but it's gone by today. Hopefully by Thanksgiving we'll have a nice winter wonderland.

Tira loves the "no" and is sad that it's "mwelded". Lanna however gives me dirty looks when it snows on her head, apparently she's not much of a fan of the cold.

Here are some pictures of the naughties playing:

What kind of mommy would I be if I didn't pelt my unsuspecting daughters with snowballs ;-)

Lanna woosed out and had to go in after only a few minutes.

Tira had to be lured back in with the promise of popcorn and hot chocolate.

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alexis o said...

i can't wait to visit when there is snow! i'll bring a snowboard for Tira haahahah... you can both learn at the same time!