Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween 2009!!

I really want to post this earlier but here I am again a week later trying to bust out a post LOL. Since I just got the big blow off from my client I'm going to take 15 minutes to do this post!

The girls first American Halloween was mostly a blast! Tira was Snow White - although the night before Halloween while Aunty Rissa was finishing up her costume Tira kept insisting she wanted to be "Cerella" i.e. Cinderella. We did what all good grown ups do and ignored her. She was pretty funny about the whole thing. Aunty Rissa had her try on the bodice of the dress and Tira flipped out saying how she didn't want to wear it and didn't like it. She kept asking for a dress and we figured out she thought that her costume was just the bodice. Once the skirt was attached she was quite happy and had fun showing it off to everyone.

Miss Attitude Lanna refused to wear her Luchador mask and so at the last minute Aunty Rissa made a throw together Dwarf costume. We couldn't decided if she was grumpy, hungry, whinny, bossy, or dopey. Being her moody pleasant self she didn't like the hat or the beard. With the full costume on she looked more like the Travelocity Gnome than a dwarf.

We meet at Aunty Rissa's house and got the girls dressed then did a quick photo shoot with the Wicked Witch of the East (aunty) and the House (uncle) that crushed her.

Then it was off to Truck or Treat at the church. I've never heard of Trunk or Treat before but basically instead of going house to house the parents park their cars and give out candy from the trunks, I guess maybe it's safer since you're not going to strangers houses. The girls had a lot of fun, running around with the other kids (who were all older and very very nice to Tira). The church had a dinner for the kids and then it was time to the candy collecting. Lanna didn't get it and silly aunty rissa didn't grab the candy for her so mommy Lanna missed out on a lot candy.

Aunty gave Lanna a WHOLE snack (not mini) sized snickers.
Tira realizes that Lanna's broken into the candy.

Now they both get have to have some LOL.

Checking out their "booty"

After trunk or treat we went home and did some traditional trick or treating around the apartment complex and a couple houses in the neighborhood. Tira figured it out really quickly and kept saying "more houses more candy" with her big excited eyes. She as a super polite little girl and when someone opened the door she would say "twik or tweet". And after she got her candy always said "thank you". Lanna was a good little dwarf too and always said "dank doo"

Now every morning Tira wakes up and asks from "Trick or Treat" and only 1,000,000 other times during the day.

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