Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lanna's First Ponytail!

Lanna was horrified when she got on to one of her favorite blogs, the Brownies, and saw this post (Jacob has hair!).

She's constantly pulling and yanking on Tira's hair (serious hair envy). Whenever I brush Tira's hair Lanna insists on having her head hair brushed too. When I put Tira's hair in pigtails or braids, Lanna looks sad and touches her bald head.

Well this morning that all changed - check it out:

What do you mean "what am I looking at?". Look closer, blow up the picture if you must, but that bizarre bright yellow spot in the middle of her bald head is a rubber band holding up a mini-ponytail. Let's take another look:

I KNOW! She's so shocked herself she kept touching it and eventually pulled it out.

I don't think Tira was able to have a ponytail until she was almost 2! Even if you don't think this qualifies as a ponytail could you say no to this face?


alexis o said...

too cute! and the teeth!!

Sara said...

Love the ponytail!!! hahahahah The girls are growing so fast!!!