Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Murray Utah meets Loy Krathong

Last last last Monday (as in November 2nd) was the Thai holiday Loy Krathong. Last year we celebrated Loy Krathong up at the Emporium park in Bangkok and had a great time! This year we celebrated in our crapy community grassy space back yard. Traditionally you float "krathongs" down the klongs or rivers and send your troubles floating away.

Here was our cute turtle shaped bread krathong from last year:

And the beautiful flower one from the year before:

We however had neither klongs or rivers, or krathongs for that matter. But that would never stop the all amazing Yai Yai from making sure "her" babies got to celebrate all the wonderful Thai traditions. So being ohh so crafty she managed to make these:

Aunty and Uncle came over for a yummy Loy Krathong feast. And the babies dressed up in the Loy Krathong outfits (modified to accommodate the cold Utah weather).

Notice that Tira is an authentic Loy Krathong beauty queen with her gaudy heels.

Lanna thought she was supposed to get into the bucket :-)

The face of an "angel".

We completed the celebration by "loy-ing" the krathongs. Since we had no river to send our troubles down we floated them on the back porch in buckets LOL. After lighting the candles Tira got all excited about the "birfday canels" and she and smarty pants Lanna spent the whole time trying to blow out the candles.

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