Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ben Wolf Photography

Here are the rest of the pictures of from our photo shoot with Ben Wolf!!!

This first one pretty much sums up my children: Tira the 3 year old devil child and Lanna looking annoyed... sigh.

The rest are great - I love the ones where Ben did it partly black and white and partly color. Enjoy!

Cheese-y Cake Love

The fabulous Aunty Rissa has been on a cheesecake binge and we are reaping the benefits! I *almost* got sick of cheesecake while the girls were gone because Rissa made a turtle cheesecake, a blueberry white chocolate cheesecake [my favorite], and an Oreo cheesecake. One right after the other... huh maybe that's why my jeans are getting tight.

Sunday she made another turtle cheesecake and brought us the leftovers. Unfortunately Tira turned into an absolute demon-possessed psycho had a bit of a temper-tantrum [ohh the wonderful 3s, whoever said the 2s were terrible obviously didn't stick around for the 3s]. So she did not partake in the cheese-y cake goodness. We promised her that if she was a good girl she would get some the next day.

That next day was yesterday and I don't think she enjoyed it... at all...

Nope, I'm pretty sure she thought it was disgusting.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Catch Up - Christmas 2009

I'm running out of blogging steam so you get lots of pictures and little text - as if you come here to listen to me ramble anyways...

Me and Yai Yai setting up on Christmas Eve:

My lovies are NOT spoiled... no sarcasm:

Opening presents:

The long video:

The short video:

The carnage and playing afterwards:

Christmas dinner - I made a kick ass Prime Rib! So easy, I will never ever pay ridiculous restaurant prices for prime rib again

Catch Up - Cause I'm A.M.A.Z.I.N.G...ish

So you all know me I'm that super amazing mom who does all sorts of cool things with her kids like crafts and cooking and outings and ummm ohh yeah that's SOOO not me. But every now and then I get possessed by the spirit of one of those amazing moms and I do crazy things with my kiddos.

Like our Valentine's Day treasure hunt!

First I filled two little bags with candies - ie. the treasure. I made up little clues on heart cut outs and stashed them all over the house. Then when the lovies woke up we went scavengering. Tira got really into it and was following the "map" - ie. Ddddora. And Lanna was along for the ride.

And then there was the super secret special FORT!

This was my I don't want to freeze my butt off playing outside so I better come up with something to keep the devil children lovies occupied. This was the result:

I was really surprised how long the fort survived - the first one lasted at least an hour, the rebuilt one last another 45 minutes! We had snacks and read and played with our respective babies. It was a blast!

I also do take the kiddos to fun outings whenever I can but I usually forget to take pictures... it's part of my amazingness.

Catch Up - January Fun

Why of why did I Santa spend a GRIP of money on Christmas presents when this is what they do for fun (mind you this is Jan 2nd, a week after Christmas):

Also in January was Aunty Rissa's birthday! We took her out for yummy yummy dim sum. What? Silly American's don't know what dim sum is? Think of Spanish Tapas (no I didn't say topless) - bite sized appetizers that make up the whole meal. They push carts around with the various dim sums on it and you pick and choose and share family style. It's delish!