Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Catch Up - Winter Adventures

Since we're getting so close summer and in Utah that apparently means SNOW - yes Monday May 24th we got snow, not just a little a whole freaking blizzard - I thought I'd do a post about our winter adventures.

Here are some of the fun time the lovies and I had this past winter.

I took Tira to her first ballet! Molly Mouse's Sugar Plum Debut, put on by our local Children's Ballet Theater.

She got all dressed up for her special night out with mommy.

And away we went. I had originally just bought the cheap seats. However as we were walking into the theater, a couple dropped off extra tickets they had purchased at the box office for whoever wanted them. Being the cleaver mommy I am, I asked if the seats were better than ours, which they were, so I exchanged them. Tira was so excited ans when the dancers came on stage she said "Look mommy 'linas' just like me!" Because you know she's an AVID dancer :-) She did pretty well only getting squirmy the last 20 minutes or so. She throughly enjoyed the intermission snacks I paid an arm and a leg for got her.

This pictures are from my phone so excuse the poor quality.

Other winter adventures included the lovies first gingerbread houses.

This included licking making the icing.

Adding the decoractions.

Notice how there are no pictures of Lanna adding decorations...

And then ohh no here comes babyzilla who ate the village:

The houses lasted all of 2 minutes. Can you guess which one was Lanna's?

It can't be a good Utah winter without some sledding. Yai yai, Papa and I took the lovies to Murray Park for some snow fun. Of course my little dare devil Tira LOVED it. Lanna not so much, she was just the right height for the snow to spray her directly in the face.

Afterwards we had some hot chocolate and enjoyed the beautiful winter wonderland.


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