Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cheese-y Cake Love

The fabulous Aunty Rissa has been on a cheesecake binge and we are reaping the benefits! I *almost* got sick of cheesecake while the girls were gone because Rissa made a turtle cheesecake, a blueberry white chocolate cheesecake [my favorite], and an Oreo cheesecake. One right after the other... huh maybe that's why my jeans are getting tight.

Sunday she made another turtle cheesecake and brought us the leftovers. Unfortunately Tira turned into an absolute demon-possessed psycho had a bit of a temper-tantrum [ohh the wonderful 3s, whoever said the 2s were terrible obviously didn't stick around for the 3s]. So she did not partake in the cheese-y cake goodness. We promised her that if she was a good girl she would get some the next day.

That next day was yesterday and I don't think she enjoyed it... at all...

Nope, I'm pretty sure she thought it was disgusting.

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