Thursday, June 3, 2010

Catch Up - Tira's 3rd Birthday Part 1

It seems only fitting that for something as momentous as a 3rd birthday there should be 3 different celebrations. And since I'm raising spoiled rotten brats princesses I, of course, am only going to give them the best!

Tira started out her birthday extravaganzas with a special mommy and me outing to Mini's Cupcake in Sugarhouse. We rarely get to do anything that's just me and her because a certain little monkey always wants to tag along - but this was special so we left said monkey with Yai Yai to prepare for the next part of the birthday extravaganza: the Party.

Obviously the sheer excitement of it all was too much for my delicate angel (wow I actually typed that without falling over laughing) and she fell asleep in the car.

I made a quick stop to seven eleven to buy a lighter since I remembered the candles but forgot the lighter. Then I waited... and waited... and waited...

Finally my princess woke up and we were ready for cupcake-y goodness. Mini's has a whole selection of cupcakes including grown-up cupcakes like: Carrie Cosmo Cranberry cupcake soaked in vodka and cranberry juice with lime frosting topped with fresh tart cranberries, Margaritaville Fresh Lime Cupcake soaked in Tequila with Margarita Frosting with a sugar rim and fresh grated lime and Lemon Drop Lemon Cupcake soaked in Citron Vodka with Lemon Crème cheese frosting topped with a lemon drop.

But since we all know what a light weight responsible mommy I am, I stuck to the alcohol-free selections. Tira knew immediate which one she wanted - the pink one: Pretty in Pink - Madagascar Vanilla Bean Cupcake with Pink Crème Cheese Frosting.

I took a little longer since they all looked sooooooooo delicious, but ended up with the Twisted Sister - Dark Belgium Chocolate Cupcake with Dark Chocolate Ganache Frosting topped with salty pretzels and a caramel drizzle.

Yummm-o. We also each got a hot chocolate in fancy-schmancy tea party cups.

We did the whole singing and blowing out the candle... 5 times.

Tira licked off all the frosting and ate a little bit of the cake.

Then took some time moseying around the shop looking at all the cool stuff they had for sale.

After we finished our delicious goodness we washed our sweet and sticky hands and head to Old Navy to buy Tira a new outfit for the Party. Stay tuned for the next part of the birthday extravaganza!

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