Thursday, July 29, 2010


The many phrases of Lanna Anne:
"cock-a-na-dial" -- crocodile
"sfweepin'" -- sleeping
"baby wangdon" -- baby Langdon
"kanga-ree-oo: -- kangaroo
"dis-custin" -- disgusting
"top it {insert name}" -- stop it
"ckared" -- scared
"tee-wa-yah" -- Tiraya
"wube" -- love
"nuggle" -- snuggle
"sfwing" -- swing

Other fairly obvious ones:
"Mommy said NO"
"eww gwoss"
"I wike it"

There's more but of course I can't think of them as I try and type this post. She can pretty much talk almost as well as Tira.

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