Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shwimming at the Pooh

Translation: Swimming at the Pool!!

Today was the second day we've to go the Murray Park outdoor pool. While Yai Yai stayed home to take care of the squishable baby Langdon (of Utaholics) Papa and I bravely took the wild ones to the "pooh" (both Tira and Lanna pronounce it like that). After slathering them in sunscreen, stuffing them into UV rash guards, and sticking hats on their heads (which stayed on all of 3 seconds once they got in the water) we were ready for the pool.

The great thing about the Murray pool is that at least a 1/3 of it is shallow enough that Tira can stand with her head above the water. There are big mushrooms that sprout water and of course a twisty-twirly slide! They don't let you have any type of floaty so no arm floats but that doesn't stop the girls from thinking they can swim (which they can't they both sink like rocks). Today started out with just me in the water with the girls and every time I stopped looking at Lanna to look at Tira, two seconds later when I turned back Lanna would be face down in the water flailing . The first time I thought she had slipped, by the third time I was suspicious so I asked her what she was doing and she said "shwimming". Ohh duh, because drowning and swimming are the same right?

Both girls love to stand on the edge of the pool count to three then jump in. Tira can usually swim back to the surface by herself but needs to be grabbed as soon as she does because after that she sinks. Lanna can't. Lanna also doesn't wait for the "OK" she just flings herself into the water trusting that someone will be there. She was put in time out a number of times. 

And of course both girls LOVE slide. It was super windy today so waiting on the platform was not fun, but sliding down with the babies was. 

Lanna must not have gotten enough sleep last night because she turned into the whiny-monster-from-you-know-where after an hour. Then fell asleep on my lap. Tira probably could have gone all day but we stopped after another hour. 

I don't know how these other mommies get so many great pool shots because even with Papa in charge of one baby and me with the other, I need both hands free. Maybe my kids are just extra naughty...