Saturday, January 8, 2011


One of my new year's resolutions is to do one blog post a week. I can't fail on my first week so I'm sitting here at my computer when I'd rather be in bed reading. Actually I have a blog post all written up. It's a good one about being grateful and changing the way you look at the world. Sound good right? Yeah I thought it was quite a nice post myself, too bad it's on my computer at work! So that's next week's post ;-)

Right now you get to learn about the "burella". That's pronounced boo-reh-lah. That would be Tira-ese for umbrella. It was one of the few things that she has been asking for for months. This year for Christmas we Santa tried to only give presents that the girls really wanted. Pillow pets were number one on the list. Ballet shoes and outfits were number two. Underwear number three. And then the "burellas". Where Tira learnt about umbrellas is a mystery - actually not, it was probably on one of her Sprout shows. But for months she would tell me how she needed her "burella" so the rain wouldn't get her wet - even when it wasn't raining out.

So of course I used that as a weapon to fight the evil forces of the terrible 3s a bribe for good behavior. "If you're a good girl maybe Santa will bring you a burella." "If you want Santa to bring you that burella you need to be nice and listen." "You better watch out because mommy's going to bop you with the burella if Santa brings you one." Oh wait no that last one was just something I wanted to say.

The girls were very excited about their presents and had to test them out right away.

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And before you ask. No I'm not super mom who got her kids dressed up so that they would look cute for pictures when they opened presents. Quite the opposite. I'm bad mommy who couldn't be bothered to put her kids into their pajamas when they fell asleep after the Christmas Eve evening service.

The next day they had to try out their "burellas" even though it was sunny out. In their defense they are Asian and Asians use umbrellas to keep the sun off just as often as they use them to keep the rain off.

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This is a picture of me asking them to look at the camera and smile:

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Then it finally snowed and they had to make sure the "burellas" worked.

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Lanna broker her umbrella within 3 days so we had to go get her a new one. Now the umbrellas live on a shelf; high up; where they can't reach them. Hopefully they'll last through this years rain.

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Heidi said...

That picture of the two of them - actually smiling - in the grass is so adorable! I think you need to frame that one.