Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Funnies

It's Monday the most un-funny un-happy day of the week and yet it just keep coming back no matter how many times pray that it will stay Sunday.

So to ease your Mondayitis I bring you some funnies.

1.) My mom picked me up from trax this afternoon sans kids. Which is a little treat in and of itself because then we can talk with having to shout and be interupted every 5 seconds. Of course it's also the time when we have nothing to say to each other. So we sit in a comfortable silence that only 27 years of living together can bring. Then out of no where my mom says "I got my tooth fixed today and it only cost me $4.00".
Me: "How was it? Did he just fill it?" She has state insurance and went to the university dental center down the street from us.
Mom: "My dentist looked about 14. He wasn't sure what to do so he called Dr. So 'n so in" [I'm assuming this is the dental professor.] "Dr. So 'n so said 'You don't want to mess with a 35 year old crown so just leave it alone... I know you can sandblast it... You're looking at me funny, come with me.' So the 14 year old and Dr. So 'n so leave for like 10 minutes then the kid comes back. I look at him and ask 'So are you sure you know what you're doing, cause sandblasting my tooth doesn't sound good'. 14 year old dentist says 'Ummm kind of, I've never sandblasted a live person before.'"
Me just about dies laughing.
Mo:m: "He says 'I'm usually holding the tooth when I sandblast it.'"
This is only funny because it has a happy ending. Her tooth is fixed and no pain.

2). Check out this video of the girls doing "If You're Happy and You Know it." On one of the cd's we have one of the versus says "If you're happy and you know it NOD your head". Apparently "nod" and "knock" mean the same thing.

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Happy Monday Everyone!