Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sushi mmmmmmmmmmm

I thought I'd surprise you all and do one more quick post.

If there's one think I love it's sushi. If there's one thing I love more than sushi it's half price sushi. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!! There's this tiny place on State and 33rd call The Red Ginger that has half price sushi. And it's really freaking good. Ok so it's not the best sushi ever but for $3-7 a roll it's pretty darn amazing. The fish and seafood is fresh - and that's really what matters when it comes to sushi. The waitresses all speak bad mandarin (that's not Japaneses for all you white people) and must be Northwest Stewardess reject because man do they have attitude. But its worth it when you can stuff yourself, your mom and your sister silly on amazing food and only pay $30.

Ohh and stuff your kids. Yes my kids eat sushi! And I love them for it. I'd be sad if they didn't like sushi. They're not super hard core - yet. But they'll eat pretty much whatever I put on their plate. And they like it. Ok ok they eat around the seaweed but they'll grow into that. Here some pics as evidence:


Sippin' on some miso:


See that orange thing on Tira's plate? That used to be tempura sweet potatoes. Now it's just sad:

If you're in SLC go try it and call me up so I can join you!

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