Sunday, February 6, 2011

First Trip to the Dentist

Tira and Lanna took another big step this weekend - they had their first visit to the dentist!

I was a little nervous just because I *HATE* going to the dentist. I'm sure my childhood dentist was a perfectly nice man and good dentist but I hate(d) him. Dr. Zerksner ::shudder:: I still hate the dentist.

But I knew that eventually they'd have to go. I counted on TV shows doing a better job of preparing them for the dentist than I could. In cartoons the kids always love their doctor/dentist/teacher. He/She is always nice and friendly and the outcome is awesomeness. If I were to tell my kids the truth about how I feel about the dentist I'd have had to knock them out and strap them into their car seats while they were unconscious. Good think we have that whinny blad kid who's dentist trip was a success.

All that worry and the girls did GREAT! Granted they had it way easier then I did as a kid. Their dentist office (Burg Pediatrics - if anyone in SLC is interested) is bright and colorful and the staff is really friendly. Ms. Chelsea, their dental hygensit, was fantastic - patient and friendly, and very skilled with the munchkins. The little tabs they had to put into their mouths for x-rays weren't the kind that cut up your gums. And there was a TV on the ceiling. My only complaint is that we had to wait like 30 minutes for the dentist.

I was being a good mommy this time and got pictures!

They were expecting us:


Tira did great and was all excited to sit in the cool chair and watch TV:

Lanna was not so excited to sit in the chair so I got on with her:

After a too-long-of wait the dentist came in and counted their teeth. Both girls have 20 which he says is just right. I made him check for permanent teeth since mine are all messed up and he definitely could see them in Tira and some in Lanna. WIN!

After they were done being checked by the dentist they each got to pick a toy from the toy draw. They were also given new toothbrushes (which is good since they old ones are in such bad shape), toothpaste and floss (LOL have you ever tried flossing a toddlers teeth!!) and stickers.

Over all it was great! I would have prefer less of a wait but you can't have everything. The girls are slightly obsessed with brushing their teeth right now and ask every 20 minutes if they can brush. I'm very happy their first experience was so great.


KKsorrell said...

That is so cool! I'm glad they did well. I liked how their names were on the board. There are some pediatric dentists (around here, at least) that don't let the parents go back. So I just take my kids to my dentist, but they do get a prize from the treasure box afterwards!

MommyTanya said...

Wow there's no way either of them would have gone by themselves!