Sunday, February 6, 2011


I'm in trouble, because my kiddos are too smart for me.

Whoever said that TV makes kids stupider is a fool. Or at least he hasn't met my little geniuses. Tira is a little sponge; she absorbs everything. She understands 99% of what she absorbs and can use the information in the right context.

Prime example I came home yesterday and Tira had apparently stunned the adults once again. She and Lanna were painting and in typical toddler fashion she (Tira) put 3 randmon lines on the paper then asked her Yai Yai for a new piece of paper. Yai Yai told her that wasn't really a painting and the she was wasting paper. Tira then informed the oh so poorly educated Yai Yai that it was "abstract".

Huh? You read that right she told Yai Yai her painting was abstract. Dumbfounded Yai Yai looked at Gran Gran who responded "Don't you know what abstract means?"

I'll give you a minute for the shock and laughter to subside. Tira then explains to Yai Yai "abstract means you don't need to paint a tree or a star or a circle". When asked where she learnt this she responded "Caillou's mommy told him."

And there you have it, TV does teach kids. She's going to be smarter than me in a few more years.

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KKsorrell said...

Steven swears he learned most of what he knows from watching TV - like discover channel and history channel!