Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Check Up

We took the girls to the doctor's office today. Dr. H was referred to us because we wanted someone with a more holistic approach to medicine - which you can read to say: I don't want to be give a lecture about using a delayed vaccination schedule. Nor do I want a doctor who's going to prescribe obscene amounts of antibiotics at the first sign of a cough, or worse the flu. Let's get this out there the flu is a VIRUS it can't be combated with an antibiotic which fights bacteria. Neither of the girls have - thankfully - ever needed to be on antibiotics and I want to keep it that way as long as possible.

I've got to say I was very please with Dr. H's office. He works with 10 other pediatricians. There is someone there 7 days a week so we'll rarely have to go to insta-care. The nurses are friendly and work well with the girls. Dr. H spent a good 30 minutes talking to us, answering questions, and checking out the girls. When the vaccinations came up he gave me actual facts and information - current facts and information. And there was no judging.

Here's what we learnt at the visit:

1. Although their dad is allergic to bees we don't have to really worry about the girls. Apparently allergies are hereditary but not the specific type. So they're more likely to have an allergy just not a bee allergy. ::sigh of relief::

2. There's nothing I can do about Type 1 diabetes but I now know the symptoms to watch for. They are only slightly more likely to have it because their dad has it.

3. Tira is 3 feet 5 inches tall and 37 lbs - no wonder I can't carry her for very long any more! She's right in the 50th percentile.

4. Lanna is 3 feet 1 inches tall and weights 27 lbs - which means shes tall but a little thin. I *think* it also means we can keep her rear facing a little longer.

The girls did end up getting shots. Tira went first and was a big fat baby about it as we all expected. Lanna tried to be a brave girl and walked into the room as her sobbing big sister walked out and told the nurse and I that she was "a big good girl". She knew what was coming but didn't complain or resist. That is until that first needle hit her leg, then she started screaming and crying LOL.

Over all it was a great experience. I'd recommend them to anyone looking for a pediatrician.

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