Monday, March 14, 2011

Helping Out Another

I'm slacking!!! I know - new posts to come this week. I.PROMISE!

For now I wanted to share this post from my good friend Lindsay. I know times are hard for everyone but I can't even imagine what this poor woman is going through. I hope her story touches your hearts and you can help out even a little bit.

I'm going to ask you to take a hypothetical trip with me into your imagination. Think of the adult woman in your life that you love the most: your mother, your sister, or your best friend.
Imagine that she came home from work one evening to find a three-page letter from her husband sitting on the kitchen table. Beside it, she found his cell, his keys, his bankcard...everything that tied him to their family, their home. After getting her children settled and out of the kitchen, she sat down to read the letter.
When she finished reading, she realized that her husband was gone...moved out of state...with no forwarding address and no contact information...and that he wasn't coming back.
Inexplicable pain, right?
Now, imagine that, within 24 hours, her mother (her primary source of support and her childcare provider) was diagnosed with leukemia.
There are no words.
Unfortunately, for one of my friends, this is not a hypothetical situation. For one of my very good friends, this is reality. Today, she got up and got her child ready for school. She took her mom to the oncologist. And, tonight, she will go to work...trying to pay the bills while she figures everything out.
I'm asking you to join with me and step in and help pay some of the bills for the next couple of weeks. Help me build a small emergency nest egg to provide some margin while this family tries to survive the next few months.
James 1:27 tells us to care for the widows and the orphans. In our society today, there are figurative widows and orphans all around us.
Fatherlessness, husbandlessness, is an epidemic that is plaguing our country. Oftentimes, it is a faceless epidemic.
Today, however, fatherlessness is not an epidemic. Husbandlessness is not a faceless plague.
This is my friend. This is a child that I love.
And they're hurting. They're vulnerable. They're alone.
I can't fix it all. But I can make sure that she's not financially vulnerable, and I can make sure that she knows she is *not* alone.
I'm asking you, if you a part of the body of Christ, to help me love this sister in her greatest time of need. If you have ever commented or e-mailed me during a Compassion fundraiser to ask me why I don't take time to "take care of those in my own backyard," then I'm asking you to participate now. I'm asking you to help me take care of my friend who, almost literally, lives in my backyard.
This is a chance to live out true religion. Will you take it?

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