Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thank You Aunty Jenn and Uncle Steve!

Tira got a package in the mail today from her Aunty Jenn and Uncle Steve. Sorry the video is so long but she's slow at opening presents. You can probably fast forward to the last 30 seconds of the video.

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At one point in the video you can hear me say "If it's Caillou I'll kill her." But not to worry it wasn't a life sized wall decal of that wretched bald whining brat, it was the lady bug pillow pet. I kid you not just yesterday Tira was telling me that she wanted that. 

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The demons girls started fighting over the pillow pet almost immediately! After Lanna managed to wrestle it away, Tira came running up to me and whispered, very loudly, "I have a plan, you squash her and I'll grab it." With such a fool proof plan I couldn't say no. Of course Lanna was pissed that we ganged up on her but not to worry Tira's a softy when it comes to her sister and she gave it back to Lanna who has been playing with it since.

Thanks bunches Aunty Jenn and Uncle Steve!!

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