Monday, March 21, 2011

Wait Who's the Dumbass???

So before everyone gets their panties in a twist... Or maybe you're all already there because I was slow with this follow up post. Let me help you pick the wedgie that is my sarcastic dryness.

I retract my dumbass statement. You're really only a dumbass if you know all the information and choose to ignore it. I've read a number of responses on car seat boards where people honestly didn't know the facts but because their pride was more important than their kid's safety they continued to defend their choices. That's a dumbass.  Instead of defending a poor choice say "wow I never knew that, why didn't anyone tell me before?" Take the next step and email this to your pediatrician so they can pass on good information.

Who else is a dumbass? The professionals, the pediatricians who don't stay current on car seat regulations and recommendations. The car seat professionals such as the Salt Lake Valley Health Department who sent me an absurd flyer the other day telling me to move Tira into a booster now that she's 4. No mention of 5-point harnessing, no mention of weight and height requirements, just "ohh she's 4 let's move 'em on up".  That makes me mad. And yes they're getting a VERY nasty letter from me.

Here's another great video. In some European countries they rear face until FOUR! I'm not saying that's the way to go I'm just saying holding off until age two should be the absolute minimum.

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