Thursday, August 4, 2011

First Real Hair Cut

There's a long standing joke in my family about how I didn't have hair until I was 4... Ok it's not a joke it's the truth. I had short wispy baby fine hair for a long time. And so my poor children seemed doomed to follow in my hairless foot steps.

Tira's had her bangs  massacred  trimmed by her Yai Yai.

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(this isn't even the worse, they were shorter when they were first cut)

But her hair has gotten so long that it's become a pain for everyone so we decided to get a real hair cut. My friend takes her little girls to Cookie Cutters and raves about them.  They impressed me with the fact that they've planned for the most common issues when working with kids:
  • They had a play area with a slide in their waiting area, along with books, tvs, and a touch screen computer
  • They had fun car chairs for the kids to sit in when they were getting their hair cut
  • In front of each chair they have TVs with cartoons playing
  • They have baskets of toys and books with in easy reach
  • Each hair cut is finished off with a cute hair style, a sucker and a balloon
I wasn't too keen on the idea of chopping Tira's hair (ok so I totally typed head first) off. But Yai Yai was pretty dead set on it and since she's the one who has to do Tira's hair most days I figured her opinion matter the most. I was also a little nervous because Tira had told Aunty that Tangled was not good since Rapunzel chops her hair off at the end (sorry if I spoiled the movie for you). 

But in the end everything worked out great. The hair cut ended up super cute and everyone is happy.



Holding her hair:



Amanda said...

Hate to say it, but Yai Yai was right. It is gorgeous!

My mom swears that the hair will grow better and thicker if you take the stress from the shaft (cut is all off). She did it to me when I was little, and now my is (too) thick.

MommyTanya said...

LOL Amanda apparently old wives tales are cross cultural. It's a common Chinese practice to shave kid's heads so that their hair will grow back in thicker. My mom refused to let my grandma's do that to me and my hair still grew in thick as I grew up. Maybe it would have happened sooner if she had let them LOL.

I'm loving her new hair and how easy it is to do now! How's Germany treating you?