Monday, September 5, 2011

Present via Mail

It's Monday morning and I am so grateful to have it off. Yesterday was Lanna's party and it was so much fun but a ton of work. Every muscle in my body hurts from moving that giant bounce house around. You think "eh it's just plastic, practically a glorified tarp, how heavy can it be?" Let me tell you it was SUPER heavy. I'll have a full party post later - I don't know how other people play hostess AND take pictures but I can't - so I have to track down pictures from other people before I can post.

Once again the wonderful Aunty Jenn and Uncle Steve sent a present from California. The first video is of Lanna saying Thank You and the second one is the long laborious process of her opening the present. LOL. The girls LOVE the Dora doll. Tira spent a good deal of the afternoon crying because Lanna wouldn't share it with her. We're still working on what exactly sharing is (ie. Lanna is not a bad sharer if she doesn't give up the doll 10 seconds after getting it.)

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