Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Album Cover

About a few months ago a new (and now good) friend of mine, Emily, posted on facebook that she needed a few little girls to play model for a photoshoot. It just so happens that I have two little girls! Emily's husband owns a graphic design company here in Utah called, Boss Graphics, and was designing an album cover.

I told the girls they were going to meet mommy's buddy and have their picture taken. Fast forward a few days. Lanna asks to see a picture of the "bunny". The who? You know the bunny who's going to take our picture... Needless to say she was a little dissapoint when I explained the difference between buddy and bunny.

So one super cold Saturday morning the girls, Yai Yai and I made the trek up to Memory Park. It was a quick 10 minute photoshoot. While the temperature was COLD the lighting was great and Emily and Rudy got some great shots.

Later that day I found out that what I thought was an album cover for some local nobody turns out to be a contest to design the next album cover for the Counting Crows!! It was pretty exciting seeing the whole process unfold. Rudy's design make it to the top 7 finalist but unfortunately we found out yesterday that they decided to go with someone else.

None the less we are super proud of Rudy for making it as far as he did and I LOVE the designs. I hope you do too!

This is the one that made it as a finalist. When this picture was taken the girls weren't wear masks!

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