Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lazy Sunday

We had a lazy Sunday... and a Sunday without TV. I think I'll make every Sunday TV free it was so nice.

I cooked:
I sewed:
I tried to make a circle shirt, but I cut off too much from the bottom. I will be attempting a second one because it really could be cute!

I read:
Hatchet by Gary Paulsen - it's a Newbery winner and a book club book. I'm about half way through and I'm enjoying it but not as much as I've enjoyed every other Newbery I've read.

I just finished Clockwork Prince, book two in Cassandra Clare's Infernal Devices series. Checkout my review here.

And I was entertained.
Tira and Lanna put on a "puppet show" and a play.

What did you do today?


Heidi said...

Nice shirt! I am actually working on a similar shirt. I love that style - it's so forgiving (and easy to nurse in)!

Well, today Langdon locked me out of the house, I finished reading City of Bones, I made fair trade magic shell, and we finished watching Half-Blood Prince after we went to bed early last night. :)

Hope you have a good week!

MommyTanya said...

I'm super stoked that you like the Mortal Instruments books! The Infernal Devices is good, the firs one not so much, but the second one was GREAT!

I saw you tweet about getting locked out of the house LOL. How long were you stuck outside?

Heidi said...

P.S. I also think the length of the shirt is perfect. Any bigger and it might just look sloppy, you know?

Oh, I was only locked out for about 10-15 minutes. Luckily my neighbors don't go to church and were home so I could use their phone to call Daniel. :)

MommyTanya said...

Finally a defense for why I carry my cell phone with me everywhere! Even if it's outside to check the mail. LOL. Which would be necessary since I don't have anyone's number's memorized and so I wouldn't have been able to call from the neighbors house anyway.