Tuesday, November 20, 2012

End of a saga...

Sniff sniff sob... The last Twilight movie came out last week and true to my obsessive book nerd form I bought tickets for the movie when they went on sale way back on October 1st. We avoided the crazed screaming crying teenagers by going on a Sunday evening instead of braving the midnight showing (just a tip for you Utah people, Sunday evening is the BEST day to go to the movies).

I wouldn't be me if I didn't have some Twilight paraphernalia. So at our monthly craft day I made a Breaking Dawn shirt. 

"I came to witness. I stay to fight." It wasn't in the movie but it was one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite vampires in the book.

We had a great big group of 12 and my awesome sister made us swag. Blood bites, cake pops, and Breaking Dawn themed pins. My nerd posse if fierce. 

Yes, I did take Beautiful Redemption to the movie with me. I literally don't go any where without a book. And one of the highlights of the evening was when the trailers came on. The first one was for Beautiful Creatures. Here's one of my weird traits cute quirks, I don't watch trailers. At least not for movies I'm really excited about seeing. So I covered my ears, closed my eyes, and sang to myself. I really hope my coworker who came to the movies with us wasn't too freaked out by my bizarre behavior. Then when we thought the City of Bones trailer was about to start I was ASSAULTED from behind by my sister. She grabbed my face and tried to pin my head to the seat so I couldn't look away while yelling "watch it!". Luckily for me, unfortunately for her, they did not show the City of Bones trailer. 
A quick movie review. It was good, probably the best of the 5. You probably won't believe me but Kristen Stewart actually had various facial expressions and conveyed emotions. The CGI Renesmee was creepy as all get out - as in super creepy, gross, not cute at all. I had to work hard not to laugh too loudly when they first showed her on screen. I don't want to give away any spoilers but at one point in the movie I nearly walked out. I was seething mad at the deviation from the book. I mean ridiculous, no way you could even pretend this happened, holy SHIZZZ that did not just happen deviation. I think the people around me were scared because I was radiating rage. But in the end I stay and they did an excellent job of working the deviation into the story in a believable way. Pretty much everyone in the theater exploded into chatter when we figured out what was going one. My exact words were "well that was unacceptable." But over all I like it a lot. And I want to go back now that I know what's going to happen so I can actually pay attention and not be distracted by my book nerd indignation. 

So who else went and watched Breaking Dawn? Thoughts? 


Bianka said...

Out of all of them I thought it was the best.... I loved the twist at the end after it was obvious that it was the twist....heheheheh

MommyTanya said...

Uggg they screwed up the last one sooo badly - adding a fight scene that was not in the book at all - that I didn't put it past them to do the same exact thing in this movie and completely change the ending and story line. I really thought they'd do anything to add that extra fighting/action despite the lack of it in the book because they had in the first part. However I will say this that once it was obvious what happened I think it made sense and it was a great way to incorporate the action they needed for a major motion picture and still stick to the original story line.